Sensei (Active Premium)


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Sensei – The Discmania Active Line is a newer line of discs from Discmania and they have undergone a name change! What was formerly the Tiger Warrior is now the Sensei. The mold is also now being offered in the Active Premium plastic. In the Active Premium plastic the disc holds up to power really well. It is a solid putt and approach disc that can be used in a variety of shots including anhyzers and straight to stable shots. The disc is shallow so it feels good both backhand and forehand, perfect for all kinds of approaches to the green. Grab a Discmania Sensei today!

Discmania says this about the Active Line Premium Plastic: “The Active Premium plastic will be produced in gorgeous translucent plastic with vivid colors that have been carefully selected for the best visual appeal. This firm and grippy plastic also bring great durability and performance for all skill levels.We had an option to flood the disc market with new molds, but we opted to build on the success of the current Active discs and share the same molds and flight numbers in the Active Premium line.”

Flight Numbers – Speed: 3, Glide: 3, Turn: 0, Fade: 1