Link - April Jewels (Lux Vapor)


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April Jewels is back and Discmania's got just the thing for you! For a limited time, take advantage of a special option available just for brick and mortar disc golf shops.

These are quite possibly the most swirly batch of Vapor discs DiscMania has done to date. The color ways are very consistent across the board and we're thrilled with how vibrant many of the color combinations are. Customers have been searching for a premium version of the Link that could rival the small batches of Lux and Neo Links that were never fully brought to market.

Flight-wise, they perform exactly as we had hoped they would. The shoulder is a bit taller as they are in premium plastic so the glide and torque resistance is increased compared to an Exo version. Players that enjoy the utility of a premium plastic throwing putter are going to love these right away.