GM - "Gremlin" (D-Line)


5 | 4 | 0 | 2

Discmania’s fastest midrange disc is almost a cross-over between a mid and a fairway driver! With smaller diameter (max weight 175g) and a rim that resembles a beaded fairway driver, the GM is perfect especially for those who don’t find the regular midrange discs very comfortable to grip.

The GM is fast for a midrange disc. It has a somewhat overstable flight pattern, but it still glides a fair bit and the fade is more gradual than aggressive. For players who throw less than 80 meters with their midrange discs, the GM works great as the most overstable midrange disc in the bag. As the GM wears, the flight path starts to straighten up.

The GM is a unique mid-range driver in that it falls between a midrange and fairway driver. With a speed 5, glide of 4, turn of 0 and fade of 2. You have seen this disc before as it was a staple in the Innova line as the Gremlin for many years. Discmania has added this disc to their line up as it is a great fit for among the pre-existing Discmania models.