Hex - 2024 OTB Open (Proton Soft)


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The Hex, the cheat code, the midrange of your dreams is back with another release in the beautiful Proton Soft plastic! 

This will be a limited and controlled smaller run, exclusive to the OTB Open 2024. We don't know how fast these will sell out, so secure yours today! 

“Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns to look at things differently.” - Edward de Bono

Everyone sees something different when they step up to the tee pad and throw a disc. Featured on the Proton Soft Hex, DoubleRam Design brings us a stamp emphasizing the beauty of being unique and breaking out of expectations. The Proton Soft Hex offers unparalleled grip - both in the hand and on landing zones - so you can focus on what matters. Always dependable, defy expectations, and find your own game with the 2024 OTB Open Proton Soft Hex!

The OTB Open 2024 will be the biggest MVP release of 2024! There are going to be 6 molds coming in each of the two phases, and some of the hottest discs in unique plastics, with custom stamps All proceeds go toward making the OTB Open bigger and better than ever before, supporting a great tournament, and giving your favorite pros a bigger payout.