Rollo (Star)


5 | 6 | -4 | 1

Star Rollo – One of the easiest discs to roll ever made, the Rollo is built for rolling. As a midrange it is easy to throw and can be used by any player that plays. The youngest of players will find this disc easiest to throw and get a little extra distance with. This is the perfect disc for players looking for a roller disc for the first time, the understability of this disc makes it easy to get on the ground and rolling. More advanced players will be able to use this for rollers that get to the ground quickly and flip even quicker than that. Great for courses that have low ceiling rollers that need to hit the ground in a hurry. Make sure you grab an Innova Discs Star Rollo today and up your roller game!

Innova says this about the understable disc meant for rollers: “The disc made for rolling. As the name suggests, the Rollo is a disc for rolling. Most people will find it easier to roll than just about any other disc. It’s also an option for woods play to throw backhands around corner as it has a lot of turn and a lot of glide.”