Thunderbird - Jeremy Koling 2018 Tour Series (Swirly Star)


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The 2018 installation of the super popular Swirly Star Thunderbird! These discs are beautiful and a nice domey feel.  There was a discussion posted about Big Jerm having to decide between a flatter profile 2019 , like the 2017 version, and more popular among the general public, or a more domey profile, like the 2018 version, less popular but his preference. The 2018s have a more dome than either the 2017(flattest) or the 2019 versions, but are still a nice popular overstable Thunderbird. The 2018 Koling Thunderbird was Big Jerms favorite version of his signature Thundy. The homeyness adds some glide to the disc that works well for his game.

The Thunderbird has been an extremely well received new addition to Innova’s lineup. It was touted as the perfect in between for the ever popular TeeBird and Destroyer molds. The Thunderbird has lived up to those expectations wonderfully! Jeremy Koling uses his Thunderbirds for many different shots and has even made it one of his signature discs. It is a very straight flyer and can handle high arm speeds with ease. The 2017 version of the Koling Thunderbird was a bit flatter and made for forehand according to Jeremy. The 2018 version had a bit more dome and was more used for his backhand.