Whale (XT)


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KC Pro Whale – A deep dish putter that has plenty of stability to rip on, this is a putter that can get massive distance off the tee and be pinpoint accurate in the circle. This is the perfect putter for players with bigger hands or for those looking for something super glidey. This beaded putter will add confidence around the green, making your putting game that much better. Make sure you grab an Innova Whale today!

Finally the Whale in the KC plastic! If you were looking for that extra firm, smooth plastic in the deep putter, the KC Pro Whale is just for you.

Innova says this about the mold: “A meaty feeling putter in the hand, the Whale is designed for players looking for consistent flights regardless of how hard they throw. The Whale flies like a driver and lands like a putter. The Whale is easier to throw sidearm because of its superior torque resistance.”